What You REALLY Must know before playing “FLAPPY BIRD”

Flappy bird is getting really popular and have gotten alot of attention lately, though it was made several months back, only recently it went viral, but one should not be deceived by the innocent game description, here are something’s that you really must know or should have known before playing flappy bird.

Secure Your Device

Seeing as Flappy Bird is a common app on platforms such as iOS and Android, it’s a good idea to keep your device in your hands at all times. Let me explain, when the sweat starts to trickle off your forehead and you are just one point off a new high score or medal and you mess up, things are going to get heated. The situation could end in serious damage of your device due to, say, throwing it halfway across the room. You could use Velcro, but I personally prefer superglue. Yea, I superglue my phone to my hands and remove it later using acetone – it’s an easy fix.

Go to a SAFE Private Place

You don’t want any of your friends or loved ones around you while playing Flappy Bird. This app will lead to excessive agitation, cursing, and mood swings just to name a few. If your landlord isn’t particularly a nice person and they can afford kicking you out, it’s best to also create a suitable soundproof room to avoid getting evicted. This is also useful for not getting the police called on you because your neighbors think there is something going down in your home; first degree murder, abuse in general, or even child abuse, etc.

Get a Cardio Checkup

Consult a trained medical professional before using Flappy Bird on a regular basis. The constant strain on your heart and the sudden changes from complete stillness to manic insanity are dangerous. Flappy Bird is not recommended for anybody with high blood pressure, Arrhythmia, and congenital heart defects. If you notice any side-effects other than the ones mentioned previously, cease usage immediately.

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