Must know before using Infolinks

Infolinks is a very popular advertisement network that is arguably ranked #2 (AdSense is #1), you can utilize their service by either becoming a publisher or an advertiser, a publisher is someone who puts infolinks ads on their site to maximize their revenue, and as a publisher or an advertiser, there are few things that you must know before using infolinks to understand how it works.

However regardless of it’s low payment (compared to AdSense) what makes infolinks stand out is that, it uses various ways of advertising, mostly known for intext feature, which is a feature that enables ads within a keyword in a site, the ad appears when a person hovers over the keyword, which is great because publishers don’t need to make space for an ad since it’s implemented inside the words.


Infolinks allows users to choose the color of the highlighted keyword ads and also whether they want to be double underlined or double dotted, it’s also worth mentioning how infolinks is very supportive and responsive to content management platforms, it becomes as simple as uploading a file to the site/blog and that’s it, everything else is “intelligently automated”!

Infolinks builded up on the idea to make placing ads less troublesome for site owners by adding intags, inframe and insearch, which are

Inframe – two ads fade in from the left and the right of the page you are viewing, and remain to the sides as show in the picture:



InSearch РThis feature allows ads to fade into the page through the bottom of the page like shown in the image  below:


InTag – is the last and final feature of Infolinks which is shows text tag ads on the bottom of the page, the user has an option of how many rows he wants (one or two) and they appear like this:


Infolinks uses few methods of payment to make it easier for publishers to receive their monthly revenue, however the first transaction can only be transferred/withdrawn after 45 days of Inflolink, the methods are shown in this image, this is what it looks like to an Infolink affiliate/publisher:

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