Must Know Before drawing your own manga comic


For some artists, their dreams are to make their own original manga comic. However many preparations that you must know before drawing your own manga comic and do.

First of all

Anyone that’s starting a story needs an idea and a theme – an action story, or a story based in the future. The artist must have a very good concept or a strong idea of the theme in order to create a solid foundation for the story. Without this solid foundation, story could be all over the place and not make sense when it comes together. To get a strong sense of the story, you can always look up on other people’s manga which share same theme or anything that inspire you. You must have an idea of what the main character is going to be like and this character is going to interact with its world.

It is best to have it written down on a notebook, sketches can help remembering.
For story theme, it is best to write or draw down some key features and where the story will start. You don’t always have to have an ending since you can lead the story as it moves on.

Since the story can be lead to anywhere you want however every story needs to start some where. It doesn’t matter how you start it, every artist have their own way of starting the story.

For an example I’ll just use one of my stories which I’ve made up in the past…
I was always into samurais or swordsmen, so I really wanted to make a story of it. I wasn’t a huge fan of the samurai times since it was very ancient, I really like the fantasy world where I create my own times instead of basing it in real life or historic times. I was hugely inspired by manga such as “Swords Art Online” and “Final Fantasy”. I wanted to create a world just like them where they have incredible scenery, fierce monsters and eye catching characters with different classes and jobs. So for my story, the main character is a boy who was very hardworking and who became a famous samurai who worked himself from the very bottom. The world he was going to face was going to be challenges as he meets different kinds of strong fighters and monsters.

Before you start drawing

You should already have a beginning for your story and you should be fully aware of every detail of it – chapter 1 of your story.
It is recommended to draw a story board of every page of your chapter 1, so that you know what to draw and every conversation in the story.
After this step it is very straight forward and it is up to the artist on making the manga comic.
Many start by sketching with pencil and ink it by hand then erasing out the pencil lines leaving the neat black lines.
Some others prefer starting on the computer straight away with a tablet and printing it out.
Either way is fine it is up to your preference. Good luck drawing your own manga comic!

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