Must Know Before Buying a PS4


The pre-orders for the PS4 has literally skyrocketed; dominating xbox one, selling over 2 million units on it’s launch day! As excited as you might be to follow the trend and blend in with the majority, here’s some things you must know before buying a PS4:

You Need PlaystationPlus to Play Online

To be able to play online you need playstation plus, while this may seem as a cheap way for SONY to maximize their revenue as they ended their free reign of free online access, it’s good to keep in mind that you will benefit from playstation plus in more than way, which is very convenient for heavy hardcore gamers, you will get discounts on many downloadable games, few free downloadable games, your game saves will be stored on PSN cloud service (1GB), early access to beta programs, automatic game updates, and so on. This costs about $60 dollars annually depending where you get it from, some places it will sell as low as $29.99, so make sure you take a good look around before purchasing it, you will still be able to use other features like streaming your gameplay without having to become a playstation plus member.

PS4 Retail box content

  • PS4 Console; 500GB HDD, ¬†2 USB ports, Optical port, HDMI port, External devices connector (PS4 cam), Ethernet port, No AVI port.
  • 1 DualShock Controller; New touchpad, Speaker port, New “options and “share” buttons.
  • Power Cable
  • Micro USB to USB Cable (Controller charging)
  • HDMI Cable
  • Mono Headset; Complete with microphone, switch and clip
  • 30 day playstation plus trial


PS4 features:

PS4 DVR Game sharing

The PS4 records the last 15 minutes of your gameplay and let’s you edit it and allows you to upload to facebook, twitch and Ustream, this is great because it’s very easy to utilize for the average joe, but if you want to record more than 15 minute or you would like to upload your gameplay elsewhere, then you will have a problem, PS4 does not allow the transferring of the gameplay EVEN to your computer or YouTube, but they did hint toward a future implementation to YouTube exports, you will have to use a Capturing Device to be able to record gameplay longer than 15 minutes and to be able to upload it on YouTube, keeping in mind that not all Capturing devices work on PS4 (especially ones that rely on HDMI port). You can use this feature by using the new “share” button on the PS4 controller, which will allow you to do many other things like letting a PSN friend play your game for you, and few more neat features.

PS Vita remote play

A new smooth PS4 feature that links it with the PS Vita is remote play, which allows you to be able to switch your PS4 in the living room off and go to your bedroom and continue playing from where you left off on your PS4, which is a nice neat feature for when more than one person wants to use the TV, to save yourself money though you would have to buy games from the PSN store to be able to download it on both your Vita and PS4, and make sure it can “cross-play”.


It’s also worth to note that PS4 only has very few launch titles which is not much really, although most of these games have a huge fan base and are brilliant, you might want to consider waiting on for more titles, In addition to that, there’s 2 really important update that you will have to download on your PS4, one will allow you to use all the fancy features, and the other will mainly be patching few issues here and there like sudden restart on the PS4 which few people reported, and so on, thus it’s highly advised you’d download them as soon as you plug it in, which you might want to do before going to bed because of it’s big size, there’s also small much benefitting features like:

Ability to play music in the background – while playing games or browsing, this feature wasn’t available on PS3

Headset plug in the controller – this provides you with the freedom to use any headsets that have a 5mm plug contrary to the hassle you had to go through with the PS3

Turn on PS4 through PS Vita link up – this is one of the features the PS Vita remote play offers

Menu Voice control Р Excludes the essential need for a controller

Charge controller while system is on standby – unlike PS3 where you have to keep your system open to charge your controller, this is a great feature to use if you’re going to school or work you can let it charge until you get back home while saving electricity and cutting down on the PS4’s power consumption.

Controller light bars glow with different colors – this feature is great when you are playing with friends or family as each assigned controller will have a different color, and they vary from blue, green, purple and red.

Add up to 2000 friends + grouping – Unlike PS3’s 100 friends limit, in the PS4 you can make groups to distinguish between your list of 2000 friends!

Face recognition – recognises you on PS4 start up and automatically opens your account

Mid-Game screenshot capture – letting you take a screen shot at anytime during your gaming experience


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