Must Know Before becoming a flight attendant

Being a flight attendant is a very interesting choice of job career, many people wonder what it’s like and what they must know before becoming a flight attendant, and it’s finally here. A flight attendants job is seemingly one of the most glamorous jobs out there, but there are things that are positive and negative that you should consider before perusing such a career:




Work Schedule

A flight attendants work schedule is can best be described as random; since there is not fixed work time period (8am-5pm Mon-Fri) which makes it more suitable for someone who has very few to no-ties or commitment to a certain place (e.g. children, relationship, etc), but the schedule differs from an airline to another since each airline operates differently with their own procedures and policies, many airlines will have you on-call just incase in the case of another flight attendant calling in sick.


The pay also differs from an airline to another, but in general it pays good, but you usually start on average or just below average salary, you must also keep in mind that some airlines do not offer monthly salary but instead hourly pay, which is not as good as it usually is when it comes to airline industry, the hourly pay only counts flight hours , and does not include how long yourstay in another city/country or boarding in that case or even delays, only accounts for hours since the door closes, so keep an eye out for that, it’s best in my opinion to look for one that pays monthly salary with a decent work schedule, but you would have to make a decision based on work hours, pay, benefits, insurance, actually speaking about insurance.

Insurance and Benefits

A flight attendant typically would have similar job benefits as other risky job, these usually include life insurance, medical insurance, retirements plans and benefits, free or discounts on air travel expenses for personal and family use (only the persons close family like wife/husband/son/daughters), so if you are a person who loves to travel around the world, you will be able to afford a holiday almost anywhere you want.

What’s expected of you

Punctuality – this is the most obvious one, you simply cannot be late for a flight if you are a flight attendant, if you are not a punctual person then I don’t recommend being a flight attendant, chances are are you will be fired

Appearance – I’m sure you have noticed, for a  flight attendant, you are the face of the airline, and so you would always see flight attendants female and males looking fresh, clean; maintaining hygiene to give a respectable image of the airline, so generally speaking it’s safe to say you have to look good at all times and take constant care of yourself.

Serve customers – Distribute food, meals, beverages and purchasable items when necessary, help customers with any problems or inquiries they make come across.

Impose safety regulations – You will have to impose general  safety regulations (e.g. belt fastening, non smoking, etc) and also in the case of an emergency you will be guiding everyone on procedures to follow and what to do.

Controlling your emotions – as a flight attendant you have to always be smiling and cheerful, which can become difficult since the job itself is tiring, you will also have to act calm not not panic in the case of the emergency.

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